Pipelines for ground collectors

Geothermal PE pipe PE100 RC

The material used for pipes forming the earth collector circuit affects life, maintenance costs, required pumping energy, capital costs and heat pump performance. For buried collectors of all kinds, it is important to use high quality materials. For a long time the industry has been using plastic pipes, especially high density polyethylene (HD). The advantages of plastic pipes are their durability, corrosion resistance, durability, excellent hydraulic properties and long life. Experts and environmentalists also value ease of transportation and installation, as well as relatively low energy production requirements, which represents a significant environmental benefit.

Distributor and collector manifolds

PE distributors and collectors for ground collectors

Compact, modular brine manifold made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide for the brine distribution of geothermal probes, energy baskets or ground collectors.
Easy adjustment through easy-to-read sight glass.


  • Flow meter and regulating valves in the supply line
  • All brine circuits contain shut-off valves in the flow and return
  • Modular structure of the individual components
  • Shut-off of the circuit connections via valves in the flow and return
  • Assembling the distributor segments without tools
  • Distributor segments self-sealing through O-ring
  • Connecting thread AG 1 "to probe / collector
  • Spigot distance 100 mm
  • heat pump connection:
    • - with flange for ball valve set (accessory) and PE welding socket d 40
    • - HP connection only with PE welding socket d 40 long alternatively WP connection with union nut G1 1/2 "-
    • Accessories:
    • - Union fittings for PE pipe (MS compression fitting) d 25, 32 and 40 mm
    • - Connection fitting with welding stud d32
    • - manometer
    • - Thermometer

Distribution boxes


Distribution box WM

Compact distribution shaft for the connection of surface collectors, energy baskets or geothermal probes. Version with up to 8 circles. Intended for wall mounting. Easy to install due to its small dimensions and low weight. The distributor is completely equipped with shut-off and control valves as well as integrated flow meters. The downwardly directed circular connections are welded watertight into the shaft bottom. The manhole cover is provided with a seal and lockable.

Energy production from ponds, rivers or open waters

Diving buoy for energy production from waters

For the use of regenerative energies also surface waters are of great importance. Water is an excellent temperature storage. For building sites near lakes, rivers or on the coast, the use of this free energy for building temperature control offers.


Energy recovery from soil and wastewater


Sewer pipe + sewage heat + geothermal

When installing a new duct, plan the option of energy recovery and save up to 50% primary energy. You decided to use a PKS sewer pipe when laying the new channel? Take advantage now: keep the option for energy recovery open for upcoming expansions. Because the energy cost advantage of PKS Thermpipe pipes is unbeatable when laying new! At the factory, PKS pipes can be converted into high-efficiency PKS Thermpipe pipes with a manageable extra effort. Larger buildings that are already near or are in planning and have a higher energy requirement could in the future be heated or cooled with energy from sewage and geothermal energy.

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