represent a modern modern heating technology for heating and hot water preparation not only in family houses but also in residential and public buildings. In addition, they can also supply cooling to the building. With good planing and precise installation, they can reduce the energy cost of building comfort throughout the year, even in rapid weather changing conditions.

Heat pumps are generally divided into three basic groups, depending on where the low-potential heat is drawn.

when underground water heats ...

with sufficient underground water yield, the highest efficiency of the heating system with the heat pump can be achieved. Underground water is transported to the heat pump by a low-energy, all-stainless submersible pump. Underground water is cooled and the energy taken is used for heating.

It is also possible to use the primary side as a source of passive cooling.

when the ground heats ...

long-term stability and high average seasonal efficiency are the main attributes that characterize ground-water heat pump systems. The energy can be extracted by means of horizontal collectors to a depth of 1.5 meters below the surface or geothermal depth probes to a depth of 220 meters from the surface of the earth.

It is also possible to use the ground collector as a source of passive cooling.

when the outdoor air heats ...

The advantage of air - water heat pumps is their quick and easy usability in applications where another type of heat pump can increase the initial installation cost. With a thorough planning of the overall heating system, air - water heat pumps can work with high efficiency and thus with low operating costs. Moreover, they are usually ready to produce cold water for the possibility of active cooling of the building. They can easily cope with the sudden and large fluctuations in the weather conditions today.

Heat pumps require almost no special maintenance and currently allow high control of operation through intelligent technologies.

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