The most flexible way to design and realize larger, more efficient heat pumps

A solution that simplifies planning and installation of large heat pumps.

Select and combine the most suitable performance and application variants of heat pump modules. Do not limit yourself to the selection of a source. With WAMAK HeavyDuty, you have the opportunity to develop a heat pump that is not only tuned to the heating power, but also to the combination of low-energy sources.

With HYBRID HeavyDuty, you can use the lowest potential heat source that is currently the most beneficial and efficient. The HeavyDuty system offers a choice of several power modules in the categories AW HD (BW HD), BW-W HD (water-water) or WW SHR HD with waste heat recovery.

In addition, each module is independent of each other and the modules are completely refrigeration, hydraulically, electrically isolated and each module has its own separate controller. The module connection is only cascade-based, whereby each controller can take over the function of Kaskademaster.

This solution enables a high degree of redundancy and the associated operational reliability.

WAMAK then produces the selected modules, tests each module separately, assembles the modules on a frame construction and individually configures the modules and cascade control for the customer's requirements.

WAMAK HeavyDuty

professional monitoring and optimization of the entire heating and cooling system

TOSYMO PROFI System control of WAMAK heat pumps enables the following functions

  • Connection to building management system via bus system or digital / analogue interfaces
  • simultaneous cooling and heating or water heating is possible
  • Monitoring of the entire heat pump technology or heat pump cascade
  • Full access to built-in active controls - virtual serviceman
  • Connection via VPN tunnel
  • Charging and discharging of puffer combined with SMART GRID function
  • External heating and cooling request, hot water preparation in optimal conditions
  • visualization of power consumption, delivered heat output and COP
  • control with mobile, tablet or PC possible


    Robust refrigeration circuit with modern, high-performance parts

    Main advantages of the internal circuit of WAMAK heat pumps HeavyDuty

  • modern SCROLL compressors
  • electronic expansion valve control
  • asymmetric high performance plate heat exchangers
  • additional active cooling of liquid refrigerant to increase the heat efficiency of air to water heat pumps
  • very quiet, electronically controlled low-speed fan with minimal power consumption and large diameter
  • Large number of sensors for precise control and optimization of operation

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