Heat pump type AiWa 11 EVI H Out
Article code: WA0e1353
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Data and accessories
Heating capacity11.05 kW
Input2.7 kW
Flow temperature maximal+65°C
Compressor ( count ) SCROLL EVI (1)
Voltage3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Condenser circulator installedUPM3 25-75
FanEC 630 mm ErP
Bivalent heater installed6 kW
Three way switching valve in deliveryYes
Installed HP controllerSIEMENS RVS 21
Control of mixed heating circuitYes
Control of direct pump heating circuitYes
Solar system controlYes
ModBuswith extension module
WebControlwith WebServer- Module

Compact air-water heat pump with or without capacity regulation for indoor or outdoor installation

Compact outside or inside installed air-water heat pump. Versions designated "i" are equipped with an integrated capacity control. Depending on the type of maximum flow temperature of up to 65 ° C. Compact design, integrated control cabinet with control.

Closed cooling circuit with Copeland Scroll compressor and heat exchangers. When capacity control variants with build in frequency inverters. Wide application possibilities of heating and cooling of houses and water heaters. Active cooling is reversible standard possible. Easy installation without complicated wiring and installation of refrigeration. Optimized for low temperature heating systems not only in new construction but also for heating systems with mid temperature flow after renovations.

Frame construction with solid base plate on adjustable feet. Epoxy-coated panel of the base unit. With weather-compensated, digital heat pump control. To control a heating circuit with mixer and one heating circuit without mixer.

Plain text user guidance with function-dependent menu levels, information texts and states in plain text. Diagnostic system with history storage and output state indication. Outdoor temperature sensor, hot gas sensor, liquid refrigerant sensor, heat pump flow temperature sensor and return temperature sensor, as well as source-flow sensor, source return sensor and DHW sensor included.

Build-in condenser pump, backup heating element of 6 kW as well as 3 way switching valve for DHW preparation in packaging.

Optionally available with ModBus module as well WebControl control and monitoring via the Internet.

Technical information - heat pump - Air - Water
Type :AiWa 11 EVI H Out
Article code :WA0e1353
latest data update :
Language :English
Nominal performance data according to EN 14511
Heating capacity :11.05 kW
Refrigerating capacity :8.35 kW
Input :2.7 kW
COP :4.1
* Data at conditions A2°C/W35°C
Nominal performance data for cooling in reverse mode
Cooling capacity – reverse operation :13.25 kW
Input – reverse operation :2.81 kW
ERR :4.7
* Data at conditions A35°C/W18°C
Operating temperature limitations
Source temperature minimal :-22°C
Source temperature maximal :+40°C
Flow temperature minimal :+12°C
Flow temperature maximal :+65°C
Mechanical data
Width :900 mm
Depth :6500 mm
Height :1890 mm
Weight inside :0 kg
Weight outside :275 kg
Outdoor unit type :AiWa-O
Noise emissions
Noise emissions inside Lp ( 1m ) :0 dB(A)
Noise emissions outside Lp ( 10m / max. RPM ) :38 dB(A)
Refrigerant circle parameters
Refrigerant :R410A
Refrigerant volume :5 kg
Surcharge of refrigerant over 8 meter distance IU/OU : kg/m
* air - water SPLIT heat pumps are delivered without refrigerant charge and only pressured with nitrogen
Orifice inside :EEV
Orifice outside :EEV
Orifice economizer :EEV
Compressor :SCROLL EVI
Pipe dimensions, flow rates , pressure drops
Connecting dimensions – primary side :
Connecting dimensions – secondary side :1 "
Flow – primary side :3340 m³/hour
Flow – secondary side :1.91 m³/hour
Maximum water pressure consumer :6 bar
Pressure drop – primary side : 0.023 kPa
Pressure drop – secondary side :max 12 kPa
Recommended ∆T source :7 K
Recommended ∆T consumer :5 K
Electrical parameters
Main connection cable – dimension :5x4 mm²
Voltage :3 x 400 V
Fuze :20 A char. C
Current – nominal :4.28 A
Current – maximal :9.2 A
Softstart :MCI 12
Starting current :11.55 A
Condenser circulator installed :UPM3 25-75
Fan :EC 630 mm ErP
Bivalent heater installed :6 kW
Three way switching valve in delivery :Yes
Installed HP controller :SIEMENS RVS 21
Control of mixed heating circuit :Yes
Control of direct pump heating circuit :Yes
Active cooling :Yes
Solar system control :Yes
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