WAMAK Heat pumps

Performance tests of WAMAK heat pumps
WAMAK has successfully completed the performance test of its Air-Water and Brine-Water heat pumps at the by industry most respected heat pump testing institute in NTB Buchs Switzerland. read more ...
Quality label EHPA for WAMAK heat pumps

Company's focus on in-house development and manufacturing laid the ground for the privilege to be awarded the EHPA Quality label. read more ...
Industrial heat pumps WAMAK HeavyDuty

High capacity heat pumps for installation in larger building such as Office complexes, Industrial applications, schools, kindergarten and such. read more ...
Reference projects with WAMAK heat pumps

WAMAK heat pumps are being successfully operated in more then 15 European countries. read more ...
Production of WAMAK heat pumps

precise manufacturing of the refrigeration cycle "the old master school" together with the general assembly work are done by extensively trained personnel. read more ...
Easy installation

The AWK-O series of heat pump has proven to be extremely easy for installation and commissioning.
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Tailor made heat pump systems

If you are looking for solid, robust heat pump technology or custom made heat pump systems, you are at the right address.

We are happy to present you a wide range of modern heat pumps made by professionals with passion for latest technology.

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